Setup a new Medical Mask Factory to help everybody

April 1, 2020

In the newly built dust-free mask production workshop


 Take 1min to understand the mask factory



"Click click click..."Mechanical nonstop.

The production machine runs at high speed.

Masks were produced quickly.

Here's the surprise.

This is a sponge manufacturer in China!

The company knew nothing about mask production before.


Output from 0 to 100,000pcs/day



How did the company do?


Increase production of masks opens "cross-boundary response"

Enterprises are returning to work tide, the demand for masks surges, far more than the market supply capacity.In order to alleviate this situation, PUSPONGE LIMITED took the initiative to join the mask production, and quickly established a new Medical Mask Factory, specializing in the production of surgical masks, to ease the "urgent need" for enterprises to return to work for epidemic prevention, and to start the "cross-border assistance".



"In February, a lot of businesses were planning to go back to work, but the first issue that needs to be addressed is the demand for masks, and Mask Factory is responding to that."PUSPONGE chairman told reporters.



It provides masks to more than 150 enterprises in China.

In mid - to late February, Mask Factory medical ordered the first batch of mask production equipment into the factory.The company organized research and development personnel day and night, overcome a number of technical bottlenecks, debugging more than 10 days to open the machine."Everyone wanted to get back to work as soon as possible," general manager said. "it was very urgent." We used to manufacture sponges, but we had no experience in mask production.


This equipment was not familiar with. In face of such a situation, our technicians worked overtime to install, debug and research, and finally realized mass production."




In just 15 days, Mask Factory medical overcame the technical difficulties and officially started mass production.Today, there are five production lines and 150,000 masks a day.Mask Factory has supplied masks to more than 150 businesses across the country."We make disposable surgical masks that meet the standards.At present, we can basically meet the demand for masks.Now many member companies of the dongguan sponge industry association have returned to work with the masks."Mr. Wang also felt very happy that he had solved the problem of returning to work.


Ready to export masks to the United States, Europe.

From the Sponge manufacturing industry "crossover" to the production of protective materials, it is the responsibility of helping to prevent and control, but also the market breakthrough of turning crisis into opportunity.With the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, Mask Factory medical, while ensuring the supply of masks in the domestic market, has gradually expanded the export to meet the international demand and help the global COVID 19 epidemic prevention and control.



"We are aware of a difficult situation in many countries and regions.Now, we have also obtained FDA and CE certification.That means we can already export masks to the United States and the European Union.In the future, we will also plan to purchase additional equipment to expand our production capacity and be ready to meet the demand of the global supply of masks."The certification gave Mr. Wang more confidence that he could open international sales channels to supply masks to affected countries.




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