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10 questions to learn more about konjac sponge?(with answers)

1. Do you know where konjac is mainly distributed? A. China B. Japan C. South Korea D. Southeast Asia 2. How much do you know about the efficacy of konjac? A. Do not understand B. edible C. highly processed into food additives and skin care products 3. Have you ever used konjac sponge? A. not used B. often used C. used before but not now 4. Do you know the function of konjac sponge?(multiple choices) A. deep cleansing B. hydrating and moisturizing C. oil control and acne control D. adjustment of skin acid and base value 5. What is the making process of konjac sponge? A. pure physical production process B. chemical production C. Do not understand 6. Do you know what konjac sponge contains? A.

8 powder puff sponge U must know before searching cosmetic sponge suppliers

8 powder puff sponge you must know before looking for a makeup sponge supplier. In the development history of sponge powder puff for nearly a century, the birth of many new products has changed people's makeup habits, and also changed the development trajectory of a sponge powder puff. Here will introduce 8 successful sponge powder puff case, for reference. 1.NBR latex sponge powder puff In 1976, YUKIGAYA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Co., Ltd., developed NBR latex sponge powder puff, which was the first in the world. Since the 1960s, oil cosmetics began to be popular, NBR excellent oil resistance so that the application of NBR sponge powder puff gradually expanded. After decades of development, NBR spo

What’s the difference between Packaging Sponge of EPE foam, EVA foam, and Sponge?

What’s the difference between EPE packaging foam, EVA packaging foam, sponge packaging materials? Packing SPONGE Packing Sponges are mostly composed of polyisocyanates and polyols as materials. The first reaction is the reaction of polyurethane produced by polyols and polyisocyanates. The commonly used sponge is called polyurethane soft foaming rubber. And elastic data for shock absorbers and conflict resistance. Disadvantages: it belongs to synthetic chemical materials and cannot be degraded naturally. Advantages: lightweight, good elasticity, convenient transportation, low price. EVA Foam EVA is made by copolymerization of ethylene (E) and ethylene acetate (VA).EVA is characterized by exce

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