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How to find a high-quality medical face mask supplier?

How to find a high-quality medical face mask supplier? With the impact of the coronavirus, the demand for masks is greatly increased, so how to find a high-quality medical face mask supplier,We'll tell you Information collection of medical face mask suppliers 1. Collect and summarize information of medical face mask suppliers through professional purchasing websites; 2. Get to know the medical face mask supplier through friends' introduction; 3. Find relevant professionals to recommend, and search online for specific information such as the scale of the medical face mask supplier and the type of products supplied; At present, the recommended method is to search directly on the website, which

Do cosmetics containing alcohol work ?

With the spread of the epidemic, alcohol has become a talisman in many people, many people have the idea of wiping face with alcohol disinfection.Wipe a face with alcohol of course not , also some people doubt in partial protect skin to taste whether added alcohol, this is how one and the same? Alcohol on your face? NO! NO! NO! Alcohol irritant is bigger and volatile, can cause bigger to facial skin irritant, still have the likelihood to appear desquamate.If the face has a cut or other special circumstances disinfection, the general is to use iodophor, rather than Wipeing the face with alcohol. Alcohol in skin care products Alcohol is the only solvent allowed to be added to cosmetics other t

What is the PU sponge dust face mask effectiveness?

PU sponge dust face masks are essential protective equipment for workers engaged in and in contact with dust.In the choice of sponge masks, to work against the necessary staff.Choose the correct sponge mask.PU sponge dust masks is a new type of sponge masks, able to filter tiny particles in the air. PU sponge dust face masks with a new kind of organic polymer materials, its superior performance is widely used in aerospace and other high-tech category, sponge face mask use multilayer superposition to the principle of broussonetia papyrifera three-dimensional network structure block dust, it using polyurethane material and itself is a three-dimensional planar mesh structure, after fine proces

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