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Imagine you go to a game. On the way to the game, I suddenly discovered that the people who made the rules, the athletes, and the referees were a group of people.

You suddenly realized that you were extremely angry, but you couldn't retire midway because the money has been paid and the athletes are already in the game, so the loss of retiring midway will be even greater.

Then, you sent out this feeling from your heart: Sh*t! I am fu*ked!

Ali International Station is a platform that provides services for foreign trade companies. Simply put, it means that companies expose their products on the Ali platform, attract foreign buyers, and finally make a deal. Alibaba collects service fees from companies that settle in each year.

The lowest entry-level pit fee is currently 39,800 RMB. After entering, your exposure rate is high, whether buyers can find you depends on drainage.

As for how to drain traffic, simply and rudely: MONEY!

Relying on the precise grasp of the psychology of the eagerness of the settled enterprises to complete the order, Ali International uses various means to sell the anxiety to the members, so that they can spend money on advertising.

If someone buys “Golden Supplier”, I have to buy it, someone else buys a keyword, I have to buy it, and someone else burns P4P(like PPC), I have to burn it, otherwise there will be no exposure, no inquiry, or all garbage inquiries.

The platform relies on the privilege of being the rule maker, constantly adjusting the rules, and harvesting the settled companies round after round. Whether the company makes money or not, they always make a lot of money.

Many companies dare to be angry and speak, but they dare not leave this platform.

There is no other reason.

ALIBABA is the world's largest international B2B platform.

Although the rules are harsh and the taxes and taxes are too much, when I think that everyone is the same, I feel a little relieved.

However, the platform suddenly started selling things.

Yes, you read that right, the platform itself has become a competitor to the settled company.

The first time I heard this news, I thought it was fake. I felt that Ali wouldn't do such an unscrupulous thing. Your platform is down. How can other members play it?

With your toes, you can understand that traffic is controlled by the platform. They can direct all high-quality traffic to their stores, and they can implement dimensionality reduction attacks on competitors on the platform anytime and anywhere.

Open the homepage of Alibaba International, you can see the Alibaba self-operated store "Alibaba.com select" in the red frame

Click Open to enter Ali's self-operated store.

Just ask the companies entering Ali International Station, how much advertising costs do you have to spend to allow your store to occupy such a prominent position on the homepage for a long time.

But Ali is different.

  • Put your shop wherever you want,

  • Keep it for as long as you want,

  • Do whatever product you want,

  • Drain it as you want.

This is the real dimensionality reduction blow, everyone, is it true?

After all, the traffic of Ali International Station is not attracted by millions of Chinese foreign trade companies.

Let me ask if there are no Chinese suppliers, Why should buyers purchase at Ali International Station?

So many foreign trade companies are willing to be the cornerstones and support you, so treat them like this.

But you can think about it the other way around. Capital has no morals.

When a self-operated store for epidemic prevention materials first appeared at Ali International Station, they explained that "There's an urgent need to mobilize the global supply chain to respond to the epidemic."

Looks very clear and righteous, serving the people of the world.

However, one after another, self-operated stores of other products are also launched, such as:

3C Ali (strictly selected) self-operated


Daily necessities, pet supplies (carefully selected) self-operated


Cycling fitness equipment Ali (selected carefully) self-operated


Alibaba (carefully selected) self-operated electronic beauty products


It is estimated that many companies still don't know that the P4P traffic that they burned to buy is not as much traffic as others use their little fingers.

As for how many self-operated stores will appear in the future, let's wait and see.

Recently, a Chinese seller discovered a situation that surprised him:

A sale of the self-operated product line of Alibaba International Station began to contact his customers privately and began to "GRAB" orders!

The seller revealed that a foreign customer told him that a person called Sophia contacted him a few weeks ago, and said that Alibaba could also supply the same products.

The things that Ali International Station has done over the years can be seen by discerning people, but it can't hold back people's instinct to take advantage of it.

In the early years, One Access appeared and used one dollar to subsidize three cents to induce export companies to use them for export, to collect real transaction data between buyers and sellers.

Other import and export companies charge a commission of 1.5-3 points to help enterprises export. One Datong not only does not charge money but also makes up for it.

Companies that use One Touch's services can also increase their weight on international stations.

Under the double temptation, many companies have fallen.

Later, at the international station, credit insurance was used to collect real transaction data between buyers and sellers.

However, this time through the formulation of new rules, coercion + kidnapping + temptation, the new regulations say that the platform will rank suppliers according to the company's credit insurance transaction data.

If you don’t use the platform to collect payments, your company’s weight on the platform will be reduced, and buyers will not be able to find you.

If you use it, the weight will become higher.

The more you use, the higher the weight and the higher the exposure, the easier it is for buyers to find you.

For the enterprises stationed on the platform, they usually have to spend money to buy exposure, and now they can get exposure by collecting more funds through Ali Credit Insurance. The payment is paid to everyone. Paying Ali can get extra benefits, which looks very cost-effective.

But YOU don't know that, in this way, you are STREAKING on Ali: Shipments, Prices, and Buyer Information are all in Ali's database, and you have NO Business Secrets.

If one day, Ali wants to grab your customers, is it easy?

Don't assume, this day has arrived.

(I heard the news at the time, and I wailed in my heart for the corporate members of the international station. Damn, is the international station going to take the Taobao route? Will it cause a new round of scalping.

Sure enough, not long after, those foreign trade companies started to brush their orders to increase their weight and to rank higher, and the international station took the opportunity to harvest a round of hard-earned money from leeks.

Swiping orders is a cash burn for companies, but a steady profit for platforms. )

That's why PUSPONGE and more China suppliers abandoning Alibaba

Instead of spending a lot of money on Alibaba, PUSPONGE should give back this part of the cost to our customers and make products ( konjac sponge, beauty sponge, medical foam ) and services better.

Finally, tell a short story.

A little bird is standing on a branch that will break at any moment, basking in the sun.

The little white rabbit under the tree shouted to the little bird: Are you afraid that the branch will break and fall?

The little bird said: I have wings.

What the bird believes is never whether the branches are strong, but its wings.

Encourage everyone!

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