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How does Activated carbon sponge filter screen work?

Activated carbon sponge filter mesh is adopted of macromolecule felt material to make medium and high absorption powder activated carbon with froth carrier into air purification filter media. Activated carbon is made of sponge and activated carbon with 35%-55% carbon content. It can be used to remove foul and peculiar smell, purify environment with high efficiency, low air pressure and low consumption. Activated carbon sponge filter screen can be used for air purification to remove volatile organic compounds and air dust, smoke, odor, formaldehyde, and other pollution harmful substances. Product Description: Honeycomb activated carbon sponge is an air purification and filtration material mad

Activated carbon sponge | Different sizes of pores for air filtration

Activated carbon foam, often called activated carbon sponge, is a sort of air filter media. The activated carbon foam is produced from polyurethane sponge and coconut shell or coal activated carbon powder. High activated carbon adheres to the polyurethane sponge. The minimal carbon material of activated carbon foam is 50%. The lofty carbon material can be certain the lofty filtration and purification efficiency. The activated carbon foam has totally pore sizes, which possess completely air filtering efficiency. the several pore sizes can go well with extra functions and fulfill extra customers. The activated carbon foam is usually equipped in sheet, the utmost width is 1m and the utmost s

What's difference between Activated carbon fiber felt and Activated carbon sponge?

What's the difference between an activated carbon fiber felt and an activated carbon sponge? Activated carbon fiber felt and activated carbon sponge belong to activated carbon products, which have many USES in air purification.The adsorption of activated carbon we must have some understanding, in the industrial treatment of odor, toxic, harmful aspects, will choose activated carbon adsorption. So what's the difference between an activated carbon fiber felt and an activated carbon sponge? Activated carbon fiber cotton is the form of fiber to perform the activated carbon filtration, the activated carbon is made into a fibrous coiled material, in order to increase its filtration area and permea

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