Do cosmetics containing alcohol work ?

March 16, 2020

With the spread of the epidemic, alcohol has become a talisman in many people, many people have the idea of wiping face with alcohol disinfection.Wipe a face with alcohol of course not , also some people doubt in partial protect skin to taste whether added alcohol, this is how one and the same?



Alcohol on your face? 





Alcohol irritant is bigger and volatile, can cause bigger to facial skin irritant, still have the likelihood to appear desquamate.If the face has a cut or other special circumstances disinfection, the general is to use iodophor, rather than Wipeing the face with alcohol.



Alcohol in skin care products


Alcohol is the only solvent allowed to be added to cosmetics other than water, which helps the water-oil components blend together and penetrate the skin better.In addition to alcohol, some products are added with denatured ethanol, which, like alcohol, improves the cleanness of skin care products without the alcohol's own bad smell.



Can contain alcohol skin care product to be used? 


Alcohol is in volatilization can take part of moisture away, but protect skin to taste to have a large number of humectant commonly, won't cause the skin to lack water, so normal skin can use those who contain alcohol protect skin to taste.



PS. If you are allergic to alcohol or have sensitive muscles, don't try alcohol-based skin care products.To achieve a bacteriostatic effect in skin care, use products containing natural konjac, like natural konjac sponge , konjac facial mask and so on. which comes with its own bacteriostatic agent and is milder than alcohol.



Konjac protects our face better than alcohol, so sometimes we need it more than alcohol. Be prepared to fight an epidemic.


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