How to find a high-quality medical face mask supplier?

How to find a high-quality medical face mask supplier?

With the impact of the coronavirus, the demand for masks is greatly increased, so how to find a high-quality medical face mask supplier,We'll tell you

Information collection of medical face mask suppliers

1. Collect and summarize information of medical face mask suppliers through professional purchasing websites;

2. Get to know the medical face mask supplier through friends' introduction;

3. Find relevant professionals to recommend, and search online for specific information such as the scale of the medical face mask supplier and the type of products supplied;

At present, the recommended method is to search directly on the website, which can save the cost of money and time.

Enquiries from medical face mask suppliers

1. Through online query, for example: pusponge is Hong Kong suppliers in China, you can be in Hong Kong companies registry information system (ICRIS) enables ( )query to the supplier information, because each region query website is not the same, not all listed here

2. Telephone consultation,

3. Visit and inquire about medical face mask suppliers

Screening of medical face mask suppliers

From the number of optional medical face mask suppliers, select the medical face mask suppliers that meet their actual requirements and have a certain size and credibility, and evaluate the most suitable medical face mask suppliers.

Medical face mask supplier evaluation

1. Price: according to the lowest price, highest price, average price and self-evaluation of similar materials in the market, a relatively standard and reasonable price shall be calculated.

2. Quality: you can ask to send samples, or send customer samples to the supplier to match similar.

3. Delivery time and quantity, how long the ordered products will be in place, and whether there is MOQ.

4. Payment method: determine the payment method, such as how much deposit before delivery, when to pay balance payment.

According to the market of both companies, the most important thing is to find a suitable medical face mask supplier, what kind of medical face mask supplier the company is looking for, credit, price and products should be paid attention to.

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