What is the PU sponge dust face mask effectiveness?

PU sponge dust face masks are essential protective equipment for workers engaged in and in contact with dust.In the choice of sponge masks, to work against the necessary staff.Choose the correct sponge mask.PU sponge dust masks is a new type of sponge masks, able to filter tiny particles in the air.

PU sponge dust face masks with a new kind of organic polymer materials, its superior performance is widely used in aerospace and other high-tech category, sponge face mask use multilayer superposition to the principle of broussonetia papyrifera three-dimensional network structure block dust, it using polyurethane material and itself is a three-dimensional planar mesh structure, after fine processing and sewing, constitute a high density of dust blocking space,Dust blocking rate of an astonishing 99%, dust have a super defense

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The effectiveness of PU sponge dust face masks

1.PU sponge dust face mask is made of polyurethane fiber with high permeability and ductility

Not a thin sponge (thin sponge has no ductility or permeability)

PU sponge dust face mask is a new kind of organic polymer material, because its performance is widely used in aerospace and other high-tech fields.

2.It have a high filtration rate of PM2.5, pollen, bacteria, etc.

PU sponge face mask is multiple layers to construct a three-dimensional mesh structure to block dust, the polyurethane material used in the face mask itself is a three-dimensional mesh structure, and then after precise processing and sewing, it has a good resistance to dust and so on

3.PU sponge dust face mask is soft and flexible, fit the face

PU sponge dust face masks are seal design, easy to tidy up and keep the face mask clean.Multifaceted comfort protects adults and children from dust.Sponge face mask 3D three-dimensional modeling structure, can fully fit the bridge of the nose.

4.PU sponge dust face masks fashionable modeling

PU sponge dust face masks are attractively designed and aesthetically pleasing.The fabric is good, the color is simple and generous, and the earstring is adjustable.The quality of the mask is very good, the frosted surface, soft lining and face contact, smooth and soft surface, improve the comfort of breathing easier.

5.It can long wearing ear will not hurt

With the design of hanging ear and close to the contours of the face, which won't be tight ears and much comfortable to wear it. What's more,The upper and lower arcs are designed based on the golden ratio which makes you look adorable. The face masks are also suitable for popular stars who want to hide from fans.

6.PU sponge dust face mask can be washed 3-5 times, before use it is recommended to take a hot bubble

Even if our polyurethane mask is cleaned for 3 to 8 times,The dust isolation rate still can be guaranteed. It can be cleaned by simple scrubbing with water and we do not advice wash them with detergent.

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