COVID-19: GOD press the pause button for humans

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has not only shut down our favorite restaurants and theaters. It’s shut down many of our houses of worship as well.

Nternal anti - diffusion, external anti - output.

Short words, order ban!

Wuhan immediately announced the opening of the channel with notice no. 18 fak announced the 17 notice.

No. 17 notice became a short-lived ghost, the province has been good pass has been informed to withdraw.

So all the people in Hubei began a new round of confinement at home from February 24.

It wasn't until March 11 that the controls began to loosen.

Coincidentally, in Hubei, probably the latter announcement is the cancellation of the previous announcement.

This time the oolong refers to Xinjiang.Fakke no. 26 is no. 27, traffic control has been liberalized, personnel control has failed again.

It seems that the people of Hubei, to come out, or difficult.

One after another, the city said that the green code + hospital health report + unit letter travel, a pass at least stamped with the official seal of the village committee + hospital + epidemic prevention headquarters + public security bureau.

The chapters saved to streamline the process are like the clothes ShuQi took off and had to put on one by one.

What's more, some cities and states require another additional certificate, that is, the proof of acceptance by the neighborhood committee of the destination.

Few people are likely to be able to handle this.

The destination neighborhood committee, working a few people also contact, even if the contact, it is unlikely to get the certificate of acceptance.

At least the person that I know, make a phone call to go to the destination neighborhood committee, the family is such reply, you stay in Hubei is good, do not come over, do not come, come to want to isolate at one's own expense 14 days.

People won't answer you directly about the proof.

But after 14 days of self-financed isolation and spending money before they have even begun to make money, Hubei's migrant workers, who are almost at the end of their tethered families, are unlikely to be able to afford it.

It seems that this year for the people of Hubei is a robbery!

City people want to go to the provinces for work, have to find work nearby, you can consider being a Meituan rider; When rural people went out to work, they had to find out the rusty hoes and plows, and turn over the three mu of land that had been abandoned for N years, and plant some food to ensure that they would not starve in the autumn.

Most of the small businesses they came home had closed, and they could not find work outside.

And contract employees those posts, basically are hand stop mouth stop, so these two months they are completely no income.

In other words, migrant workers from other provinces have been eating their money for two months during the outbreak.

For those who are living beyond their means, I guess their pockets are empty now, so they start to borrow everywhere. If they can borrow, they will not starve to death.

In a word, internal non-proliferation, external export, these eight characters, in the fight against the epidemic is a real success, and the people in Hubei, it paid the biggest price.

Look at the crowds at T2 stations in Shenzhen bay and Beijing airport in recent days, and suddenly feel that the success won by Hubei people at great cost seems uncertain again.

Now the prevention and control of eight-character classics have been changed to "external prevention input, internal non-proliferation."

However, the prevention and control of "external prevention, internal prevention, and proliferation" for Chinese and foreigners returning from abroad are too gentle compared with the enforcement of "internal prevention and proliferation, external prevention and export" in Hubei province.

Do not understand the head of the 42 id card of the people cruel, how to use less than the return from the outside of the people?

The import case of Dongguan on March 10 is that the overseas students returned from Spain to Shenzhen via Hong Kong and then came to Dongguan for a day of joy at home before they were picked up by the center for disease control and prevention. As a result, their families and couriers were isolated for observation, and all residents in the same building were isolated at home.

The poisonous king of Henan Zhengzhou also is after getting off the plane scatter Huan son to run all over half of Zhengzhou.

Ms. Li, from Beijing, put her fellow passengers at risk by taking antipyretic.

In March, the number of confirmed cases in foreign countries has exceeded that in China, and the new trend every day is completely replicating Wuhan in early February.

Worst of all, the worst affected areas are in developed countries, particularly in Europe.

And people in these places simply don't believe that masks can stop transmission. So most of them travel without masks.

These countries and regions have close economic ties with China, and their cultural exchanges are particularly close.

In March, foreign students made up the bulk of those returning from Europe and America.

Of course, some semi-immigrants have been accused of paying taxes for the country you're not in, spreading poison all over the place your fastest refined egoism.

A semi-immigrant is someone who has a green card or has been working abroad for a long time, who is about to emigrate, or who has been away for many years and has not had their Chinese citizenship revoked.

For example, secretary CAI of Wuhan central hospital, whose daughter's colleague reports that she is a naked official because her family is Canadian except for her mother.

Some Chinese people went abroad to flee for safety in late February and now want to return to China to seek refuge.

There were even idiots who stole away to watch football in Italy during the epidemic.

Recently, the daily confirmed cases are imported more than local, more importantly, some people also conceal the trace, resulting in several people close.

Without heavy control, the tragedy of the outbreak in Wuhan will be repeated everywhere, this time, it will be more serious, because this time, the outbreak is in many places at the same time, even the rear will be lost.

When you come back from abroad, it's all international flights, long flights in a confined space, just like the diamond princess cruise ship. It's scary to think about that ship.

Out of 3,571 people, 712 were eventually diagnosed, 20% of whom were infected.

International flights are more closed than cruise ships.

As long as there is one person infected on the same plane, then according to the infection rate of the diamond princess, if not all the collective packaging isolation after the plane, the entire efforts of the first three months in China, will be wasted.

The most successful example of epidemic prevention is north Korea.

Who was the first to close the door to China during the outbreak?

Yes, North Korea.

What is the current situation in North Korea?

He is the closest country to China.

Besides Pakistan, it is also the most closely related country in China.

But the other three generals do not pull virtual, see this side of the outbreak, he did not hesitate, close the door!

The results have been perfect so far with 0 infections.

So the only way to stop the spread of the disease until a vaccine is developed for mass vaccination is for all countries to close their doors and for the whole world to let god steal two months like Hubei.

Is to close the door to survive, or to consider the economy, it is a test of the wisdom of the leaders of the world, after all, a button to suspend the press, the people's livelihood can not keep up, is also to die.

Just like the migrant workers coming out of the railway station said that: infected with the new crown mortality is 2%, do not work to earn money to eat mortality is 100%.

Most countries, it seems, must draw on their strategic reserves to stop the world and feed their people.

Unlike in China, people eat their savings.

You know, the Chinese people are the only people in the world who love to save.

Covid-19, which god sent to press the pause button for humans, if it doesn't work out, then you end up with social Darwinism.

Carry the past life, carry the past death, the random pattern of human destiny has been opened.

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