8 powder puff sponge U must know before searching cosmetic sponge suppliers

8 powder puff sponge you must know before looking for a makeup sponge supplier.

In the development history of sponge powder puff for nearly a century, the birth of many new products has changed people's makeup habits, and also changed the development trajectory of a sponge powder puff.

Here will introduce 8 successful sponge powder puff case, for reference.

1.NBR latex sponge powder puff

In 1976, YUKIGAYA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Co., Ltd., developed NBR latex sponge powder puff, which was the first in the world.

Since the 1960s, oil cosmetics began to be popular, NBR excellent oil resistance so that the application of NBR sponge powder puff gradually expanded.

After decades of development, NBR sponge powder puff has become the mainstream of the market; the relevant technology has been quite mature.

NBR latex sponge powder puff also has the following 4 significant advantages --

A) NBR has excellent oil resistance and abrasion resistance, and the sponge powder puff made from it is durable and not easy to be damaged.

B) no latex protein, no allergy caused by natural latex.

C) can be directly used in a dry state, can be used for cream, powder cake, blush, and other cosmetics.

At present, there are many kinds of shape, such as a sheet, pen, gourd, water drop, etc.

D) convenient cleaning. It can be easily cleaned with powder puff cleaning agent and other cleaning products, and it is not easy to change color.

However, NBR sponge powder puff also has shortcomings --

A) there will be A slight friction feeling when the product is dipped into the foundation liquid directly, which will be improved after the product is dropped into the water.

B) the NBR sponge powder puff on the market is intermixed with good and bad. Good brands and big manufacturers' products have a good sense of use and antibacterial property, but inferior products without strict quality control will bring damage to the skin.

2.Beauty Blender Sponge

In 2007, Beautyblender (3D Makeup Sponge) was created by Rea Ann Silva, a famous Hollywood makeup artist.

Its unique egg-shaped structure refreshes people's understanding of the shape of powder puff, and 3D makeup powder puff is popular all over the world.

For seven years running (2007-2015), Allure, an American beauty magazine, named it the sponge puff of the year.

In addition to having a beautiful, unique look, Beautyblender has 4 major advantages:

A) the round side of the egg-shaped structure can be used to apply makeup in A wide range, and the sharp side can be used to apply makeup on the details such as the nose wing, which is easier to take than the flaky powder puff, bringing great convenience to the user.

B) versatile, can be used for foundation makeup, concealer, blush, highlight, even eye shadow, etc.

C) the material is hydrophilic polyurethane, soft and elastic, with less powder absorption, saving cosmetics.

D) before use, use water to infiltrate and expand and squeeze out excess water. However, the powder puff in the moist state can fit the face well and make the makeup more clear and natural.

However, there are significant drawbacks to Beautyblender, such as:

A) it can only be used when it is moist and inflated. Therefore, it is not convenient to carry it with you, and you cannot make up your makeup at any time when you go out.

B) each use shall be soaked with water. The cosmetics remaining on the surface will be immersed into the sponge with the liquid, making cleaning more inconvenient.

If it is not completely dry after use or placed in a humid environment such as a toilet, it is easy to breed bacteria and even mildew.

C) the price is too high for consumers, and it is one of the most expensive cosmetic tools at present.

3.Flocking Powder Puff

Flocking powder puff, most of the loose powder, Most dispersion powder comes with flocking powder puff.

The wool is beautiful and soft, and the powder content is high.

However, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to control the amount of loose powder compared with the makeup brush.

Especially for the use of loose powder, if you need a broad range of contact with the face with the flocking powder puff, it will easily affect the effect of the first layer of foundation makeup.

Therefore, when applying makeup for the first time every day, the outer layer of loose powder is recommended to use makeup with a makeup brush.

The flocking powder with loose powder irecommend for makeup repair, or when the foundation is thin and not so greasy.

Another is to pay attention to control the amount of powder taken.

4.Microfiber Flock Sponge

In recent years, the new products, combined with the flocking powder puff and a 3D makeup sponge, the wool is beautiful and soft, take a high amount of powder, make the bottom makeup more even.

At the same time, avoid the waste foundation of 2D flocking powder puff.

5.The Lightbulb Sponge

Beautyblender was the first introduction to the concept of a 3D powder puff.

Since then, companies have taken up the idea and developed new 3D powder puffs, one of the most successful examples being the small bulb sponge that UEMURA introduced in 2013.

The Lightbulb Sponge has the obvious advantages of a most 3D powder puff. It has a round surface suitable for patting and applying makeup in a broad range and a fine surface ideal for using and fine-tuning in a small range. Users can adjust the amount of foundation liquid at any time to create a natural makeup feeling.

Moreover, there is a section of sunken sponge in the middle, which is more convenient to take and use than the ordinary teardrop-shaped powder puff.

The material used for the lightbulb sponge is Yukilon Grace, which belongs to a type of NBR, but has many improvements based on ordinary NBR.

Therefore, lightbulb sponges are softer, more elastic, more delicate, and more comfortable to clean than ordinary NBR sponges, and feel the same after repeated cleaning.

Aside from the sponge puff, which accounts for more than 80% of the market, there are other fragmented categories.


In 2008, IOPE, an Amore-owned brand, released its first air cushion BB cream.

The fire in the Asian TV series ‘My Love From the Star’ made the air cushion BB cream used by Gianna Jun an overnight hit.

Since then, from Korea to Europe and the United States, each big makeup brand competition launched air cushion products, in addition to air cushion BB cream, air cushion eye shadow, air cushion blush, and other products are also quite popular.

The initial popularity of air cushion products was influenced by Korean dramas, while the subsequent development came from the unique advantages of the products themselves:

A) the principle of honeycomb honey storage simulate, and BB cream and foundation liquid store in the powder core of sponge air cushion rich in pores.

Use the powder puff to press the air cushion to dip appropriate amount of liquid, and make the makeup feel natural and transparent.

B) the cosmetics stored in the sponge are easily kept at a lower temperature through double isolation of sponge and powder box, which can bring a fresh feeling when combined with the powder puff with good skin-friendly effect to make up.

C) Rubycell is often used in powder puff, which makes the new product feel soft and smooth, giving users an excellent first impression.

However, there are still some defects in air cushion products, such as:

A) the powder core of sponge air cushion is defective in design. Users cannot squeeze out all the cosmetics in it, which will cause waste.

B) the powder puff is easy to be damaged and has a short service life.

Therefore, the cleaning must be careful enough to bring inconvenience to the user.

C) sponges used to store cosmetics, such as air cushion eye shadow, are accessible to harbor dirt and dirt, and cannot be cleaned or replaced. Long-term use is likely to breed bacteria.

7.Smudger Brush (Tera Venus application)

Rubycell's soft, moist feel is so popular that many makeup brands use it as an essential ingredient for their air cushion powder puff.

However, Tera Venus, a polyurethane material, makes up for the disadvantages of Rubycell, such as higher cost, lower capacity, low durability, and little environmental protection.

Tera Venus USES the dry foam technology, which not only effectively increases productivity and reduces costs, but also avoids the problem of the harmful substance DMF used in wet foam without causing pressure to the environment.

Also, it's durable and won't break even if you rub it.

The sponge puff made from it does not turn yellow and is extremely difficult to dye so that it can be used as a pure white makeup tool.

Today, Chanel's all-white eyeshadow bars and CLINIQUE's all-white sponge are made from this material.

8.Silicone powder sponge

This kind of Silicone powder puff appeared in 2015~2016.

But the trend passed for a while, and there was something very wrong with the powder puff.

Because of his silicone structure, so he is ultimately no infiltration of the bottom makeup.

So when using it, it can neither be like sponge powder puff, will not do part of the powder and grease infiltration, to enhance the makeup of a uniform and light; And cannot be like the makeup brush itself is a high-density bristle characteristic, can be used in the uniform foundation liquid spread out in the face.

Therefore, Silicone powder puff is a relatively impractical existence.

Compared with a 3D powder puff, which is more ergonomic, silica gel powder puff is a little inferior when it is used, so it is awkward when it is used.

Other still have a few small categories, resemble glue of skin of false eyelash, double eye, double eyelid to stick, etc.

Sponge powder puff cleaning and maintenance

NR powder puff is disposable due to its poor tolerance due to its natural latex, which does not exist in cleaning and maintenance.

If it is NBR or hydrophilic polyurethane, you can use some active surfactant to clean the powder puff, but be careful, be sure to use the powder puff cleaner first, cannot directly use a cleanser, or use soap to clean.

Why? Actually with remove makeup is a principle.

Powdery puff the use of circulation for many times, it is the grease outside sandy bottom and pinks mostly above kind, discharge makeup when, want to use discharge makeup oil first, remove makeup water, remove makeup milk, reoccupy fresh face product, protect skin the new face product of the kind.

The same is true for a regular makeup puff.

Remember to use clear water to rinse clean after cleanness, cannot insolate, want to let it nature is dry in a ventilated and dry and cool place, can extend the service life of powdery puff very well so.

See here, have you found a makeup tool suitable for your product?

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Next time, we will introduce the knowledge of cleansing and skin care sponge, please stay tuned!

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