What's difference between Activated carbon fiber felt and Activated carbon sponge?

What's the difference between an activated carbon fiber felt and an activated carbon sponge?

Activated carbon fiber felt and activated carbon sponge belong to activated carbon products, which have many USES in air purification.The adsorption of activated carbon we must have some understanding, in the industrial treatment of odor, toxic, harmful aspects, will choose activated carbon adsorption.

So what's the difference between an activated carbon fiber felt and an activated carbon sponge?

Activated carbon fiber cotton is the form of fiber to perform the activated carbon filtration, the activated carbon is made into a fibrous coiled material, in order to increase its filtration area and permeability, and reduce its own weight.Its characteristics are: light, small resistance, large filtration area, shape can be arbitrarily changed, its filtration effect on the pure activated carbon, under the activated carbon sponge.Activated carbon sponge: Activated carbon sponge made by spraying activated carbon on the honeycomb sponge as the substrate.

The characteristics of activated carbon sponge: honeycomb surface greatly increased its filtration area, can do a variety of shapes adsorption effect is very obvious, adsorption effect on activated carbon fiber felt.Activated carbon filtration products based on activated carbon usually only make a change to the physical form of activated carbon so that it can be more suitable for the required filtration occasions.

In the buyer inquiry process, often in the activated carbon fiber and activated carbon sponge selection will be confused, activated carbon initial filtration of which kinds? As an activated charcoal filter, what's the difference? Here are air filter factory to share: activated carbon adsorption filtration material is activated carbon processing products, the powdered activated carbon adsorption performance while maintaining the original quality basically remain unchanged, on the basis of strong bonding in cloth, non-woven fabric , fiber cotton, foam plastic, such as different substrate, aims to improve the utilization rate of activated carbon to make the base material as efficient filter, filter has certain aerosol (dust, fog), odor and harmful gases such as benzene, and other functions, in air purification, air conditioning, smoke lampblack, in the field of environmental protection, labor insurance, health care has wide applicability.

Figure 1, for the activated carbon fiber felt, fibrous eligibility carbon t mesh. Itself can be used as a block large particles or hair early effect filter, commonly used in air filter of HEPA filter way in early before use. Such as high-quality powdered activated carbon for the adsorption material, its load attached to the air filter made above, non-woven fiber matrix has good adsorption and dust collection effect, good formability, can be arbitrary cutting, folding, the intensity is high, the flow resistance is small; According to the situation of charcoal, can be appropriate to remove dust, smoke, odor, such as benzene, formaldehyde and volatile organic pollutants.

Figure 2 is activated carbon sponge (large hole), which is easy to bond with carbon. It is used to make our company's high-efficiency nail removing filter net PCC, which sticks to carbon evenly. After our company modifies the original carbon, its formaldehyde decomposition and VOC absorption filtration efficiency are greatly improved.

Figure 3. The earlier pre-filtration for the front end of HEPA can block large particles such as hair and pet dander. The number of days can be adjusted. Picture is 30PPI. This is not suitable for impregnating carbon, easy to drop powder.

Above, I hope to give you a preliminary understanding of activated carbon as a primary air filter or HEPA filter usage and differences.

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