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Sponge manufacturers teach you how to purchase cosmetic sponges

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

When purchasing the cosmetic sponge, the cosmetic sponge with fine texture has no space and feels smooth. It can not only be used for washing the face but also for the daubing foundation.

The cosmetic sponge skin with bigger surface space feels rougher, has a certain chamfer effect, but cannot often use, cause harm to the skin easily otherwise.

Cellulose cosmetic sponge appearance smooth, better water absorption, strip makeup sponge surface lines are thicker, although the amount of water absorption is not dry flat, but easy to carry.

The texture of cosmetic sponges:

A perfect cosmetic sponge does not contain allergenic latex, and the sponge is beautiful, the pores are very small and dense, not easy to eat powder caused by waste, and the powder will be very close to the skin.

Then there's the cosmetic sponges' shape:

After years of evolution, there are many styles to choose from!

First, the shape of water droplets cosmetic sponge:

This is the most common type.

The second is a gourd-shaped cosmetic sponge:

It is a modified version of the water drop shape, gourd-shaped cosmetic sponge hand more convenient.

The third one is the pointy matching plane cosmetic sponge:

The increased plane, the more the daub that suited bottom makeup.

The cosmetic sponge shape has the distinction of the circle and irregular shape, the round cosmetic sponge is suitable for large area bottom, and the irregular shape cosmetic sponge is suitable for the round sponge around the eye, nose, lip Angle and other round cosmetic sponge can not take into account the facial details, purchasers can choose and buy according to their own needs.

In addition, the choice feels to have a soft touch, and the cosmetic sponge that is full of malleability, fold knead also should not take off-chip, also be the key basis that buys cosmetic sponge.

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