What are the most common problems of konjac mask sponge wholesalers ?

Pusponge Co.ltd. is a konjac mask wholesaler, often have customers ask us a variety of questions, the following is our summary of the most asked 7 questions:

Q:Why can konjac make facial mask?

A: The superfine plant fiber of konjac root is woven into 3D mesh structure by biotechnology and unique technology, which can absorb 15 times its own weight of essence and 1.5 times the adsorption capacity of ordinary mask.Besides, konjac itself can completely clear skin pores and let skin breathe freely. Meanwhile, its unique biological activity and unique natural moisturizing factor (KGM) can form a water-locking moisturizing film on the skin surface, which can moisturize the skin for a long time while hydrating.

Q:Konjac mask skin care principle?

A: Principle is to use cloth of konjac membrane to form a airtight bag on the face, make skin temperature rises, corneous layer is in height bibulous condition, permeability is stronger also, can promote protect skin composition to absorb.

Q:Why konjac mask can be used twice?

A: The film itself is rich in 95% glucomannan, which is a super hydrating factor. It cannot be completely released after the first use, so it can be used for the second skin care.Glucomannan has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It is very safe for healthy skin to be dried and stored in conventional environment and used again.

Q: How often should I apply konjac mask

A: The correct frequency is 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times a week.

Q: Apply konjac mask the best time?

A: From 0 am to 3 am, it is when the skin is self-repairing, before this period of time apply mask nutrient can be sent into skin base layer along with metabolism, because this applies mask best time is about 10 o 'clock.

Q: Apply konjac mask to wash your face?

A: If the facial mask is still a lot of facial fluid, it must be washed off as well.If your face is fresher with only a little liquid, massage with your hands until absorbed.Acne and sensitive muscles are best cleansed.

Q: Why is konjac mask environmental protection product?

A: Konjac mask can be microbial degradation, decomposition will not cause pollution to the environment, you can rest assured to use.

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