10 questions to learn more about konjac sponge?(with answers)

June 19, 2019



1. Do you know where konjac is mainly distributed?

A. China

B. Japan  

C. South Korea  

D. Southeast Asia



2. How much do you know about the efficacy of konjac?

A. Do not understand  

B. edible  

C. highly processed into food additives and skin care products




3. Have you ever used konjac sponge?

A. not used  

B. often used  

C. used before but not now


4. Do you know the function of konjac sponge?(multiple choices)

A. deep cleansing

B. hydrating and moisturizing

C. oil control and acne control

D. adjustment of skin acid and base value



5. What is the making process of konjac sponge?

A. pure physical production process

B. chemical production

C. Do not understand  



6. Do you know what konjac sponge contains?

A. broad-spectrum antibacterial

B. emodin

C. glucomannan


7. Do you know what kind of skin you have?

Do you know konjac cotton has the effect of regulating skin acid and alkali?

A. dry


C. Acidic

D. Alkaline


8. What skincare tools can konjac cotton replace?

A. towel

B. synthetic sponge

C. cleansing milk

D. bath ball



9. What is the highlight of konjac sponge?(multiple choices)

A. Pure natural, without adding

B. Effectively clean pores, oil control and acne control

C. lock water and moisturize

D. can decompose naturally and be green


10. Can sensitive skin be used konjac sponge?

A. yes  

B. No

C. not clear





-- Answers --




2. Free choice








7. Free choice 







Explanation (konjac sponge is made from pure plant source, without adding, which is especially suitable for infants' bathing and sensitive skin. It is rich in unique glucomannan, which is suitable for all skin types and can improve skin)

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