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PUSPONGE company has strong designing capacity,
advanced production technology and exquisite processing level.
Disposable Face Mask
Sponge Dust Masks Respirator Breathable
foam mask PM 2.5 anti pollution
Silicone Cleaning Sponges Scrubber
High flexibility, environmental protection.Very good absorption and release ability.
Fridge mat bin liner
Keeps produce fresher longer, fruit and veggie life extender
Konjac sponge
100% Natural,Made from Konjac Vegetable Fibre
Cellulose sponge for baby bath
Sponge are make by natural cellulose, lovely shape, children will love to bath
Compressed Konjac Sponge
Make from Konjac potato (or Konnyaku potato), 100% Biodegradable
Compressed cellulose sponge with box packing
Made from wood pulp, natural cellulose, cosmetics facial cleansing sponge
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PUSPONGE is a professional manufacturer and exporter of sponge products and Medical protective equipment. We have two own factories in Guangdong and Shandong in China with advanced equipment and production lines. By offering various solutions to our clients in both the consumer and industrial markets, our products now cover a broad range.

We have two lines of products;
one is Medical protective equipment, like Disposable Medical Face Masks, KN95 Face masks, Goggles, Protective clothing, Medical rubber gloves, Medical sponges, Sponge Face Mask, etc. Due to the influence of coronavirus, we have added 20 new medical mask production lines to meet the market demand.
Another line is sponge products, like Cosmetic makeup Sponges, Activated carbon filter sponge, Kitchen Cleaning Cellulose Sponges, konjac sponges, and other pillows sponge, mattresses sponge, etc.

We are sincerely looking forward to establishing long-term and good partnerships with you.

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Specialized in processing cosmetics makeup sponge, compressed cellulose sponge, konjac facial cleaning sponge, filter foam products,

any other pillows, mattresses, etc. products make by polyurethane foam or polyether sponge.

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Changle Village, Jingshan Town, Yuhang Dist., Dongguan, Guangdong, China 

Tel:+86 131 1283 8884

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