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Silicone Cleaning Sponges Scrubber


Who does dishes? Everybody actually. If you have bamboo, stoneware, cast iron, silver, crystal or any number of delicate kitchenware that you simply cannot put in the dishwasher, you are definitely washing by hand.

The problem is, regular sponges hold onto debris and moisture, causing a stinky, bacteria-infested mess you need to clear from your home. Wire scrubbers, on the other hand, are rough and can scratch up and cause damage to your delicate flatware.

But what if you could get your dishes spotless clean without all the stink and roughness?



Forget those other scrubbers that can smell and leave you with scratched cookware and join the revolution with our Silicone Sponge Dish Scrubber! Silicone sponge scrubber is antimicrobial to fight those problems and nasty odors. It's quality materials for an undeniable clean.


GENTLE BUT FIRM, our pioneering scrubber not only gets the job done with excellent effectiveness against stuck-on debris but does so while keeping your hands and your dishes safe from scratches!

It is an amazing scrubber designed to resist bacteria causing odor and mildew.


Perfect copper sink cleaning tool. By gently scrubbing your copper sinks problem areas in small areas in your sink to allow natural patina fading to return quicker.


The scrubber is also the perfect daily scrubber that can easily safely remove food particles and stubborn gunk from even the most gently dishes and pans.

Remember, for a full 90 days, you are away from all those nasty, stinky odors!!


Silicone sponges you can guarantee the very highest level of hygiene for your work areas in the kitchen and bathroom Thanks to the antibacterial properties, there is no mold or smell.



Silicone sponges are 100% resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew. Never clean with dirty and bacteria-filled sponges again!


100% ODOR FREESilicone sponges use larger porous surfaces so odors can't get trapped and linger


Silicone Material
Strong flexibility, easy to tear and crack
Corrosion-resistant, durable
Double-side Decontamination
Strong oil absorption and decontaminationSoft, not easy to scratch tableware.Kitchenware




1.High flexibility, environmental protection.

2. Very good absorption and release ability.

3. Close to the best quality at the best price.

4. All sizes and shapes can be customized.

Silicone Cleaning Sponges Scrubber

  • It can be boiled and sterilized after repeated use

    Easy to use, the shape fits the hand

    Safety and environmental protection, edible silicone sponge

    One sponge, multi-purpose, dishwashing, fruit washing

    Soft washing without scratching the tableware

    Tear-resistant, flexible and delicate

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