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Silicone pillow sponge foam


The main material of Silicone pillow sponge foam is silicone, good elasticity, and very soft, can help people relieve the pressure of cervical vertebra, and the permeability is better, detailed introduction together to understand it.


Silicone pillow sponge foam is made with silica gel as the pillow of the main material, belongs to innovation product, has the characteristic of chronic rebound, it is useful to alleviate cervical vertebra pressure to a part of the person so, improve morpheus quality to say. Silicone pillow sponge foam can have a cool and refreshing feeling after falling asleep, morpheus is more comfortable as if having the health care function of natural massage. And Silicone pillow sponge foam has the effect of reducing pressure and reducing shock, not absorbing heat, cool, and breathable characteristic suits summer to use very much. Silicone pillow sponge foam texture as if crystal water, and will not leak, can provide more effective support than water pillow.



Silicone pillow sponge foam and the pillow that other material pledges compare have certain advantages.Silicone pillow sponge foam with gel foam as the main material, so that the cool feeling of sleep more obvious can further improve the comfort of sleep. And a specially designed air vent on the surface of the silicone pillow can help reduce the number of times the user wakes up during the night. Silicone pillow sponge foam can relieve pressure, silica gel has a strong adsorption ability, can sleep on the skin has a dry effect, avoid some eczema and other symptoms. Silicone pillow sponge foam is mostly soft and more elastic than pillows with other fillings.



We all know the importance of sleep if the choice of a comfortable pillow can make people have better mental and physical quality, in a better state to meet their daily life and work. Silicone pillow sponge foam to improve the quality of sleep or a certain role, and silicone as the most environmentally safe material at present, will not produce any toxic side effects on the human body, we can feel at ease to use.

Silicone pillow Mesh fiber sponge foam

  • 1. Silicone filter cotton pillow.

    2. Easy to clean.

    3. Recycle.

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