Eva foam rubber for shoe sole material

         EVA foam is closed foam made Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and blended copolymers. It has a high level of chemical cross linking. The result is semi-rigid product with a fine uniform  sell structure that is suitable for use in a wide variety of situations and applications.

Recycled EVA sheet-high density EVA foam block-shoe sole

  • Electronics

    • Anti-static mats 
    • Work station mat 
    • Gaskets 
    • Mobile phone cover 
    • Air condition insulation



    • Eaves Fillers
    • Insulation



    • Cushion Packaging Foam
    • Corner Pads
    • Case Inserts
    • Display Packaging Foam


    Sports & Leisure

    • Kickboard
    • Lifejacket
    • Yoga mat/rod/block
    • Body Protection
    • Toys and Games
    • Floor / Wall brick



    • Shoe sole
    • Insole / Outsole
    • Flip flops / Running shoes
    • Shoes upper


    Living goods

    • Bag / Box
    • Mattress
    • Kitchenware
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