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kitchen sponge cloth made of natural fiber


Specification of cellulose sponge


Product name: kitchen sponge cloth

Density: 100 kg/cubic meter dimension according to requirements

Natural cellulose fibers

Color: availability yellow/natural/pink/light green or upon your request

MOQ 4 cubic meters

Application of home cleaning, bathroom accessories, car washing, also used in the paint industry oil remover.



Composition table


40 to 70 percent water

Fiber 30 to 60 percent

Magnesium chloride 4 to 7 percent

Quaternary ammonium compounds < 0.5%

Pigment < 1%



Original foam block size

It's 1020 millimeters long

Width 1020 mm

The height to 395 mm



When you think about cleaning sponges, you might think of pictures of cellulose sponges. These sponges are the most common cleaning sponges on the market. They are usually brightly colored and usually rectangular or oval in shape. cellulose sponge is ideal for baby's sensitive skin. You can customize cute animal shapes according to your design.


Cellulose sponges are very cheap. They absorb and retain fluids well and can withstand some pretty tough cleaning. Cellulose sponges work well on many surfaces. They can even be cut into smaller sizes to provide more use for each sponge.

Cellulose sponges are made from wood pulp, and the pores inside them help to absorb the liquid and keep it inside the sponge. These sponges are soft in airtight packaging because they are usually treated with soap, keeping them pliable and preventing bacteria from growing in the packaging.


Cellulose sponges have a tendency to trap residues and particles, so they are difficult to wash out completely. These same particles can reduce the life of sponges. Never use a cellulose sponge for raw eggs or gravy. For those jobs, more disposable tissues are a better choice.


Cellulose sponges are suitable for tableware, countertops, bathroom surfaces, and daily spills.


What's the difference between our cellulose sponges and other clean sponges, any other cellulose sponges?


Ordinary cleaning sponges are usually but not always made from one of mother nature's least favorite substances: oil-based, landfill - blocking plastics. Suppose you throw a piece of polyether or polyester sponge, probably plastic, in the trash every week.No doubt this is a safe sanitation operation, but it means that a year's worth of sponges will occupy landfills for more than 52,000 years. Yes, you can! Your house may be spotless, but the garbage you create in the landfill will never disappear in your life.


Also, even if you buy an antibacterial sponge. Avoid 'them. Most people are treated with the antimicrobial/antifungal agent triclosan, an environmentally harmful insecticide that has wreak havoc on aquatic ecosystems.


This leaves us with a cellulose sponge. Our pure cellulose sponge is made from 100% Canadian wood pulp. Although cellulose sponges cost a little more than regular cleaning sponges. But you should be able to find them without real problems. Although man-made, they are more "green" than plastic because they biodegrade in landfills and undergo a much less toxic manufacturing process.


Perhaps many people used to think that pure cellulose sponges were very expensive, or that if they were made at a lower price, the quality would be bad. Fortunately, now, I have some good news for you. Our cellulose sponges are being developed and manufactured, and all of us are doing about the same as 3M, but at about 70% of 3M's price!




1.High flexibility, environmental protection.

2. Very good absorption and release ability.

3. Close to the best quality at the best price.

4. All sizes and shapes can be customized.

kitchen sponge cloth

  • 1.High flexibility, environmental protection.

    2. Very good absorption and release ability.

    3. Close to the best quality at the best price.

    4. All sizes and shapes can be customized.

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