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Pet grooming brushes Horse Care Sponge is a large, excessive nice, and Anti-insect Anti-Mosquito sponge perfect for cleansing all areas of the horse. Ergonomically fashioned for ease of use.Ideal for bathing or software of coat care products.


  • Can be used moist or dry. Great for scrubbing in shampoo whilst bathing.
  • Erases dried sweat marks, saddle marks, and dander.
  • Easily gets rid of caked-on and embedded grime and dung thanks to progressive cat tongue-like texture.
  • Flexible and mild sponge-like cloth is protected to use on your horse’s face and touchy areas.
  • Stimulating massage-like effect. 


 NameHorse grooming brushes Pet anti insect sponge


   Other color combinations customizable

 Material  Filter foam
 Size  200*115*60mm (Size customizable)
 Logo  Your logo could be printed or engraved on paper.
 MOQ  5000 pcs
 OEM  Yes
 SampleYou could get a sample for free, but please pay the courier cost.
 Price term

 Price based on the EXW terms. 

 The freight varies with the order quantity. 

 Please contact me to confirm the amount.

Horse grooming brushes Pet anti insect sponge

  • Grooming Sponge Brush is a tremendous grooming resource that works like a sponge, curry comb, and brillo pad all in one.

    Groomer Brush Sponge can be used dry or moist to groom your horse efficaciously and correctly as properly as providing a massaging effect. It shortly and successfully gets rid of dirt, dry mud, and free hair; it is additionally terrific at eliminating sweat marks and stains.

    Use shampoo to smooth up white legs and raise scurf and grime from the coat.

    Grooming Sponge Brush is bendy to easy effortlessly around joints and awkward areas which include ears, armpits, and underneath the head. The open, brillo pad development permits the sponge to be cleaned easily. 

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