Cellulose Sponge sports towel for gym spa


This bonded cellulose disposable towel is sized perfectly for spa, gym, or fitness center use. Provide this disposable yet highly absorbent towel for quick cleanups and speedy wipe downs


Cellulose Sponge sports towel for gym spa application:


1. Cellulose Sponge towel Car wipes: Cellulose Sponge towel Car wipes are strong in water absorption, leaving no trace after wiping. Durable is the ideal cleaning supplies.


2. Cellulose Sponge towel After the hair towel is washed, the hair is gently massaged with this Cellulose Sponge towel, the use method is the same as the ordinary towel, the effect is much better than the ordinary towel


3. Cellulose Sponge Beauty towel: Cellulose Sponge Beauty towel with cellulose makeup remover, better care of women's delicate skin


4.  Cellulose Sponge towel wipes the home appliance towel the absorbent force strong wipes does not leave the mark, can effectively remove the home appliance besmirch.


5. Cellulose Sponge towel Movement sweat will be non-stop flow, deerskin towel water absorption ability fast and wring can be used again, the effect is still suitable for sports use


6.  Cellulose Sponge towel Wipe furniture towel no matter be leather or woodiness furniture. A small piece of Cellulose Sponge towel will solve the problem of their cleanliness. It is really cheap and fine.

Cellulose Sponge sports towel for gym spa

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