PM2.5 Activated carbon sponge filter screens are available in a variety of pore sizes (10-60PPI) and colors. They are made from ordinary open-hole soft foam processed by blasting. The blasting treatment was removed

Foam net between the original wall film, after the soft bubble only left the main framework of the network. The Activated carbon sponge filter screen has an excellent interspace of up to 97%

Air permeability, good softness, and high mechanical strength. Using foam mesh as filter material has the advantages of low flow resistance and high filtration rate

Effectively filter out particles with a particle size of 15UM. Many new functional materials, such as mesh ceramics, mesh metals, reticular activated carbon, reticular photocatalyst, reticular silver ion, etc.


In addition, an Activated carbon sponge filter screen can also produce a flame retardant effect of the flame retardant filter. Activated Carbon Foam Filter Sponge can easy to clean and reusable, it is a multi-functional and economical filter material.



Model Name

Activated carbon sponge filter screens

Base Material

Polyurethane Form

Activated Carbon

Woodiness Powder Activated Carbon

Carbon Content


Benzene Absorption



Easy to adjust the pore diameter, good aire permeability, and can be cut into whatever you need

Regular Size

Can be customized

Regular Thickness


Common Pore Diameter

Small pore(HR-20),middle pore(HR-15),large pore(HR-10)



Linear Speed: 1.0m/s

Pressure Drop≤42Pa (Test by 4mm middle pore filter material)

PM2.5 Activated carbon sponge filter screen


    • Base material: polyurethane sponge.
    • Activated carbon material: coconut shell and coal activated carbon.
    • Activated carbon pattern: powder activated carbon.
    • Carbon content: minimum of 50%.
    • Pore size: small, middle, large.
    • Foam thickness: 3mm - 25mm.
    • Foam width: maximum 1m.
    • Foam length: maximum 2m.

    • Different pore sizes. We can supply activated carbon foam with different pore sizes to suit different applications.
    • High quality activated carbon material. The coconut or coal activated carbon powder has high filtering efficiency and it is adhered to the sponge firmly.
    • High carbon content. The high carbon content can ensure the high filtering efficiency, high absorption efficiency and high purification efficiency.
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